This is the blog of the Maemo user interaction design team. Maemo is the software platform that is running in the current range of the Nokia internet tablet products. We’ll be blogging about the various topics and issues relating to the user interface and user interaction design that we come across in our work.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Steve Gehrman said

    I just bought an 810 and I’m disappointed.

    1) slow, slow and super slow.  I can barely surf web.  Drawing is super slow, it’s not the internet connection it’s the OS.   Why is it so painfully slow???

    2) scrolling is very ugly and jumpy.  Flickers like crazy.  Looks absolutely ridicules.  Embarrassingly bad.  I hope this is one of the things fixed in the update.  I can’t read the screen while scrolling.

    3) I’m on a Mac, not stupid fucking windows.  Don’t you guys know what a mac is?  Why is the updater on windows and linux only.     I want to update my 810 but I don’t have any access to a Windows machine.

    4) tried to play a .mov file.  Not supported???  This is probably the oldest video format of all time.  Am I crazy or did I just wake up in an alternate reality.  This is crazy.

    5) Needs a scroll wheel.  Scrolling is painful.  This is fundamental.

    This device was a waste of money and time.  Why would you work on a such a useless platform?  This 810 is probably 3x slower than my Newton I bought in 1995.


  2. Roope Rainisto said

    Hi, thanks for your comments.

    The first thing you might want to do is to run the software update wizard for your tablet. It sounds like you might not be running the very latest version of the software.

    Software upgrade support for all desktop platforms is an issue which is not fully addressed – if you have no access to a Windows or Linux machine anywhere, you might want to bring it back for software updating.

    Otherwise I would be a bit surprised about some of your comments. At least for me most web sites work reasonably well with the latest software. .mov file is a very old file format, but it is somewhat Apple specific. Quicktime playback for Linux isn’t yet fully mature – for instance Apple themselves even don’t provide a Quicktime player for Linux.

    We are working on issues relating to scrolling, improvements were made to the N810 version and we’re continuing to make more improvements in the future.

    Why do we work on this platform? I guess here we feel differently than you do. There is much potential in it and we are working towards fulfilling all of the goals that we have set for ourselves. Anyway, hope you find a way to do a software update for your tablet.

    Best regards,

    Roope Rainisto

  3. Pietu Pohjalainen said

    I’m also finding the comments about slowness a little bit weird. I was previously using the N770 version of the tablet, and that, indeed suffered from certain slowness. But this N810 seems to be much improved.

    As I’m also running on mac, I wouldn’t say that the upgrade procedure is that difficult. It worked well back in the 770 time, and it is still working with the N810.

    Here’s a link to instructions in brief:

    (This whole thread seems to be a little bit out-of-place. But if this helps somebody, so be it).

  4. Hi, I would also point out the stupiddiest thing in whole UI. Sorry for saying that but one who invented that is a *MORON*.

    Chat app (exactly Jabber) shows Busy statues as Away. Haven’t you thought that Busy has some meaning which is “DON’T WRITE TO ME RIGHT NOW”; how can we know if someone is Busy right now? Even the most simple Google Talk Has Available and Busy statues.

    Not to mention that Offline people has an icon similar to Busy…

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