OS2008 – more Xmas presents

December 18, 2007

Hi. Few more words about UI improvements in some applications and not forgetting additional wallpapers you can try with new OS2008 🙂

You can now use finger sized arrows in PDF reader’s full screen mode to change between pages. Page changing is as easy as switching through images in image viewer. In chat application’s side, layouts have got some updates and new features were added like support for avatars & instant messaging through SIP. Smiley selector in chat is also bigger to be more easily used by fingers. Selecting right contact from contacts list is now faster by using live filtering where only contacts matching the inputted characters will be displayed. Get the OS2008 to personally test these and other new improvements. Keep the comments and ideas coming; we are always interested to get feedback.







12 Responses to “OS2008 – more Xmas presents”

  1. […] towards making apps/UI more finger friendly. The following are some of the changes, according the Maemo UI Team blog: You can now use finger sized arrows in PDF reader’s full screen mode to change between pages. […]

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  3. mrksaari said

    Just a quick clarification. On my blog entry I only covered few of the many improvements of OS2008, mainly focusing to UI topics around the PDF reader and instant messaging applications.

    For more information about the new features, you can surf to the Nokia website and check the OS2008 pages.

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  5. […] to try some cool wallpapers? Maemo UI team has some for […]

  6. Laguna said

    Даа… По моему мнению в этом посте нет никакой логики 🙂

  7. Очень занятные мысли, хорошо рассказано, все просто разложено по полкам 🙂

  8. Читал про это уже на каком то другом сайте, но у вас намного интересней написано 😉

  9. you are very interesting personality.

  10. Опять нахлынуло маленькуюно от этого не менее интересную статейку :
    1) завтра выложу оф данные средних цен на продукты питания первой необоходимости, там уже сами соириентируетесь
    несколько древнейших городов,так что дайверам будет тоже интересно,летом вода в проливе нагревается до 30 градусов,

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