Greetings from Helsinki!

August 29, 2007

It was nice to meet so many old friends and new people in Guadec. We had lots of great discussions and got valuable feedback and ideas about our Maemo user interface.

We try to take a more active role in the developer community, hoping to better support application developers from UI point of view. And we are also looking forward to participate in the creation of Gnome Mobile together with the rest of the community, sharing our experiences and the lessons we have learned while developing a mobile device with a touchscreen.

Hopefully you were all present in Ari Jaaksi’s keynote speech, where he explained many of the challenges we face when creating a product to be sold in stores. It hopefully made it a bit easier to understand why it sometimes takes so long to get improvements or new ideas included into our products.
We hope to have lively dialogue with you in the future. This is of course meant for everyone, not just those of you who were in Guadec!

Jenni & Tuomas
“Beauty and the Beast”