Hello everyone. Silence means busy – and busy is of course good, in many ways. We’re busy with a lot of new stuff. 🙂

Personally I’ve also been busy with writing my master’s thesis document. And hooray: it’s finally done. Since the subject material is closely tied to the Maemo UI, I thought I’d post it about here. Basically the thesis deals with the design and principles behind the text input methods, more specifically the virtual keyboard, designed for the Nokia 770 and subsequent products. It discusses the topic of touch screen text input both from theoretical and practical sides.

It can be found from the Maemo site, here:


If you get any ideas, questions, rants/raves from reading this thesis, I would be happy to hear them and discuss. Additionally, if you have any thoughts you would like to share about the current touch screen text input methods found in the devices – irrespective of this thesis – I’d also like to discuss about those. This includes at least the virtual keyboard, handwriting recognition, full screen keyboard and the bluetooth keyboard.

Best regards,

Roope Rainisto